Among the tasks of the Vetsuisse Faculty, is to convey veterinary students and persons in further education all the necessary scientific fundamentals for the understanding of biological correlation, in compliance with the dignity of the animals and instruct them in an excellent clinical veterinary medicine.

The Vetsuisse Faculty offers the following programs:

Interested in studying? Information can be obtained from the Advisory Center at the location faculties:

Studienfachberatung Vetsuisse-Fakultät Bern
Studienfachberatung Vetsuisse-Fakultät Zürich

For specific further education in clinics and institutes please contact the appropriate offices:

Standort Bern
Standort Zürich

Information on the job profile of a Veterinarian can be found at the Gesellschaft Schweizer Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte

Guidance Teleteaching-Hörsaal, Universität Irchel

Accreditation by EAEVE in 2010
The Vetsuisse Faculty has been evaluated and accepted in 2008 by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE). 2010 the Vetsuisse Faculty was accredited and is the second European veterinary school, after Helsinki that was awarded with the title Accredited by EAEVE. The Vetsuisse Faculty has achieved excellent results during the evaluation (see document below).

Research and Service

The Vetsuisse Faculty promotes the health and well being of animals through application of excellent preventive and curative measures, as well as through innovative research and high- quality university instruction. The Vetsuisse Faculty fosters quality and safety of products of animal origin in the interest of human and animal health, in respect with the protection of the environment. Its tasks are:

  • research with the aim of gaining scientific knowledge, as well as applying and distributing it
  • fostering animal health and improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses
  • to prevent the spread of animal illnesses
  • the furtherance of development and research of illness models on animals that are significant for human health

Dysplasia Commission
The Dysplasia Commission of Bern and Zurich is the reference centre for the evaluation of x-ray images on joint dysplasia. to read on …


CliniPharm/CliniTox is a computerized information and decision support system for pharmacotherapy and clinical toxicology, which allows the veterinarian to get the relevant therapeutic data efficiently and effectively. to read on …