Mission Statement The Mission Statement with the Vetsuisse Faculty code of conduct was drafted under the direction of Prof. Theo Wehner (Center for Organizational and Occupational Sciences ZOA, ETHZ) by a working group, in which all categories of personnel from both locations were represented. Mission Statement (PDF) Portrait History of the Vetsuisse Faculty In early 2003 the official go-ahead for the Vetsuisse project was given, i.e., the merger of the two veterinary faculties of Bern and Zurich to a Vetsuisse Faculty Switzerland. So far, this is the largest and most important cooperation project in the Swiss higher education area that serves quality assurance in research, teaching, service and the expansion of the international competitiveness of Switzerland in veterinary medicine. In March 2006, the parliaments of the cantons of Bern and Zurich have adopted the Vetsuisse Concordat, which provides the legal basis for the Vetsuisse Faculty. The official creation of the Vetsuisse Faculty took place on the 1st September 2006. Concordat (PDF) Structure and management The Vetsuisse Council is the Supreme strategic organ of the Vetsuisse Faculty, which consists of the two Presidents of the universities, each with one further member of the Executive Board of the University, and one member of the governing Council as well as one representative of the competent Cantonal Directorate. The Vetsuisse Council sets the strategic objectives for the planning. The Vetsuisse Faculty Executive Board consists of the Vetsuisse Dean and the Location Deans. The Vetsuisse Dean directs the Faculty and represents them against the outside. He or she is in particular responsible for the elaboration and implementation of planning, the allocation of resources at both locations of the Vetsuisse Faculty, application for appointments, cooperation with national and international committees and public relations. The Vetsuisse Dean is supported by the Locations Deans that are in particular responsible for specific affairs of Bern and Zurich. Further common Faculty organs are the Vetsuisse Faculty Assembly as well as the committee for business promotion and the research and teaching committees. Organigram Members of the Vetsuisse Council Prof. Dr. Christian Leumann , Präsident des Vetsuisse-Rats und Rektor Universität Bern Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman, Vizepräsident des Vetsuisse-Rats und Rektor Universität Zürich Prof. Dr. Zoltan Balogh, Senat Universität Bern Dr. Urs Oberholzer, Universitätsrat Zürich Dr. Christoph Pappa, Universitätsleitung Bern Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert, Universitätsleitung Zürich Prof. Dr. Dorothea Christ, Bildungsdirektion Zürich Daniel Schönmann, Erziehungsdirektion Bern Members of the Vetsuisse Council and the Vetsuisse Executive Board Prof. Dr. Roger Stephan, Vetsuisse-Dekan und Standortdekan Zürich Prof. Dr. David Spreng, Standortdekan Bern   Members of the Permanent Vetsuisse Committees The following Vetsuisse Faculty commissions were formed as cross-location Faculty structures:
    • Teaching committee
    • Research committee
    • Committee for business promotion
Members of the Vetsuisse Committees (PDF)