3rd French-German Summer School from 22.06. – 03.07.2015, Vetsuisse Faculty, Switzerland “The exotic side of veterinary medicine: bees, fish, wildlife and zoo animals“ Program Lectures Bee_Retschnig_Research Methods Bee_Williams_Pesticides Bee_Yanez_Varroa and Honey Bee Viruses Fish_Electrofishing Fish_Methods-Seminar Fish_model tox part 1 Fish_model tox part 2 Fish_model tox part 3 Fish_pain perception fish contra Fish_pain perception fish pro Fish_PKD_temperature_1 Fish_short intro methods zebrafish Fish_zebrafish methods Virological Problems in Endangered Animals Zoo_EAZA-Research-Strategy-2008 Zoo_LifeExpectancy Zoo_Lindenmayer_2013_FrontEcolEnviron_countingbooks Zoo_LongevityExercise Zoo_Phylostats_handout Zoo_ProcRSoc life expectancy 2011 Zoo_Research_handout