Justin Varholick, from the Division of Animal Welfare and Veterinary Public Health Institute of the Vetsuisse Faculty of Bern, has received an Early Postdoc.Mobility Grant from the SNSF to pursue his project, “Skin regeneration and social stress in the African spiny mouse.” The African spiny mouse is a new and exciting research animal in the field of regenerative medicine, and the first known mammal to fully regenerate damaged tissue. Spiny mice are currently housed in standard laboratory cages with same-sex cage-mates; a large deviation from their natural desert habitat in the wild. The research project will investigate how social stress from this mismatched environment may impair regeneration; potentially compromising experimental results and the animal’s welfare. Justin will spend 18 months in Gainesville Florida, working alongside the group of Prof. Malcolm Maden at the University of Florida. Justin’s PhD thesis is supervised by Prof. Hanno Würbel, and investigates how social dominance interacts with experimental outcomes in common laboratory mice. He will defend his thesis in early December. Congratulations for receiving this scholarship!